113th Congress House Cosponsor Wrap-up

With the 113th Congress in the books, it is time to take a look at the final co-sponsorship standings. I was once told that “the number of cosponsors a bill collects is not important.” The stats this year contradict that assertion. Eighteen of the top twenty-five most cosponsored bills passed the House. At least one bill listed as merely “Introduced” – H.R. 721 (No. 25; and lobbied by yours truly) was enacted in part in H.R. 5771, the tax extenders bill. The same is true for H.R. 647. Counting those two bills, twelve of the top twenty-five most-cosponsored bills became law in the 113th Congress.

Stay tuned for the 114th Congress. 218and51.com will continue posting and expand coverage into votes and Senate cosponsorships.
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Most cosponsored House bills through 12 December 2014

As the Congress winds down, and 17 of the top 25 most-cosponsored bills in the House have either passed the House or passed Congress, the leader board is pretty much set for the 113th Congress. The most notable change is Rep. Whitfield’s H.R. 1518, which broke into a two-way tie for 10th place with Re. Paulsen’s H.R. 627 which has already passed the House.

Congratulations to Rep. Crenshaw for the House passage of H.R. 647 – the ABLE Act. This bill had been the most-cosponsored bill in the House, and has seen action in the closing days of this Congress.
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